Month: July 2019

Loan payday loan via Facebook

Collecting information The verification of the applicant through his Facebook profile seems to be both a fast and reliable way to confirm the data. We spend more and more time on the Internet willingly sharing information about ourselves, e.g. on social networking profiles. More and more people make online purchases, boast of a new place Read More

Home service loan

Advantages of home loans On the plus side, home-based loans definitely need to be convenient – we handle all formalities in the comfort of our own four corners in the presence of an employee of a given non-bank company. This frees us from bothering to a stationary facility, standing in a queue or even filling Read More

Borrowing money to save energy-how do you proceed? | Payday Loan

Do you want to save energy with solar panels or a heat pump, for example? There are various ways to finance energy-saving measures.  Financing energy saving with a loan There are several ways to finance the energy-saving measures for your home. For example with a higher mortgage or with a personal payday loan especially for Read More