Car Loans – To help you get started

Vehicles and cars, in particular, are something that appears in human beings, sometimes at a young age but sometimes not before the family is formed. Often you are also involved in a car loan. It is usually a necessity for many today to take a loan for a new car, a so-called car loan. And if you have a family, it usually weighs for the better when you have to get around the whole family. However, it does not have to be trouble-free when looking at finances and how one’s personal finances look and what can be done with a new car purchase.

How to find the cheapest car loan online? It may not always be an easy match. Today, however, it’s easier than ever, and you can have all the necessary information in front of you in a matter of minutes. For example, you can compare car loans very easily, and figure out various costs and fees. You simply release lots of manual hand layouts.

What is important to keep track of when you look at the different options as a result of borrowing money for a new car is a few. The agreement between the various lenders may differ drastically. And some of these are:

  • The loan period and how it is agreed. When do you need to repay your newly signed loan?
  • Invoice fees, late fees. As we all know, they can quickly grow high.
  • Of course, interest rates and interest rates. How should you relate to tying yourself?

Which candidates then stand out as a suitable lender?


Here we have an independent loan broker and are one who receives proposals from several different lenders and banks. They have been on the market since 2007, and are part of the Burris Group. Thus, a serious player in the industry. What is advantageous is that you can collect your loans here. No extra charges for what we know about. Clear conditions during the actual application process. What matters to the negative is that they require credit information (maybe positive depending on how you see it). You cannot borrow money under 5000 SEK.


Most people probably recognize the name and it is certainly because the company has been on the Swedish market since 2001. Today they have around 700,000 customers. Here you can have everything from credit cards, savings accounts and various types of loans. You can sound up to SEK 350,000 and is an excellent alternative to a car loan. You simply apply on the company’s website, and the entire loan process is extremely simple. However, to keep in mind is that Diggs and its service come with a substantial high-interest rate penalty. As we have pointed out before, it can easily be costly for you if you are careless with the payments.

There was little information about car loans and a couple of options that give you a clear picture of what is offered and what to think about. Hope it has been helpful!

Cheapest Car Credit – How To Choose Yours

Do you want to buy a car and do not know the best credit solution? In this article, we will unpack the various loan possibilities to buy your car and show your potential.

What should be your main concern?

In this article, we want to show you the different possibilities to buy your car, possibilities that should be framed with your goals needs but also with your family budget. Thus, it is crucial that you always keep in mind that banking benefits should be comfortable in your budget to avoid being in financial difficulties.

Auto Credit

Car loans are one of the most sought after financing solutions because it has a number of advantages, of which:

  • Possibility of extending the deadline for a more adequate provision;
  • Possibility of the reserve of property, which allows reducing the interest rate and the provision;
  • Early repayment is allowed, often without penalty;
  • Modality is valid for new cars and used cars.

One of the great advantages of automobile credit is the interest rate. In fact, a loan with a guarantee of a real estate has access to very competitive interest rates, also with maximum values ​​set by law (the so-called usury rate).

Car loans are very popular but are not always available, either due to default or because of a high effort rate (it is necessary to negotiate your other credits), that is because it is the purchase of an old car. For some of these limitations, it may be necessary to hire a pure personal credit.

Personal credit

Personal credit

Personal credit is a multipurpose loan. In fact, you do not even have to give satisfaction to the financial institution of the fate you want to give your money. Personal credit approval criteria may differ from the criteria for approval of a motor vehicle credit so this modality may be more feasible for many households.

For more details on the potentialities, hazards, and advantages we suggest you read the article “How to have the Cheapest Personal Credit”. Keep in mind that personal credit has a higher interest rate than the car loan, so you should consider that in this solution you will have a higher rate.


automobile Leasing

Leasing is a leasing agreement. In practice, those who hire a lease end up renting a car for a few years, at the end of the term can have the option to buy for a residual value.

Leasing has the following main characteristics:

  • Payment of a fixed monthly income;
  • Deadlines that can go up to 7-8 years;
  • The payment of the VAT of the vehicle is made every month with the payment of the benefit, which reduces the benefit;
  • The financing is of lower value because VAT is not financed;
  • Possibility of deducting the cost for companies;
  • It is only possible to buy new cars;
  • Need to have insurance against all risks.

Keep in mind that in case of leasing you do not own the car. That is if you fail to pay the installment you will have to return the car and there is nothing worth having paid several years. In the case of a car loan, for example, if you paid half already the car only accounts for the amount owed.

Long Term Rental (ALD)

Long Term Rental (ALD)

ALD is the fourth option for buying a car. ALD is similar to Leasing in that it is a car rental, which is held by the financial institution until the end of the lease. However, whoever “buys” the car has to give an initial delivery that will be at least 10% -20%. At the end of the contract, the car is passed to the buyer’s name.

The advantages and characteristics of the ALD are in all ways similar to Leasing.

How to Choose the Cheapest Car Credit?

How to Choose the Cheapest Car Credit?

Once you have chosen the mode of financing it is time to look for the cheapest car loan. Some ideas:

  • If you want a personal credit, we suggest that you complete the personal credit simulator;
  • If you are going to make a purchase at a stand, keep in mind that it is possible to negotiate the interest rate. Ultimately, you will have several stands of the same brand that you can use as a business argument. In several cases, you have a discount on the price of the car if you make the car credit, but will pay interest which ends up making the purchase more expensive;
  • If you want leasing or ALD we suggest that you search for different financial institutions. Never forget to negotiate the price of your car (especially if the purchase is made by the company, you can benefit from discounts to parties of 20% in the various brands).

Now all you have to do is choose your car, see what performance you can afford (keeping a margin of safety) and begin your process of choice and negotiation. If you want help, we can help you to look for the cheapest car credit at no cost to you.